Cal Armory Services

Firearm Transfers (FFL)

Transfer Fees are broken down as follows:
  • $19.00 DOJ DROS Fee (Charged by DOJ)
  • $1.00 DOJ Firearms Safety Fee (Charged by DOJ)
  • $5.00 DOJ Firearms Training and Enforcement Fee (Charged by DOJ)
  • $50.00 Dealer Allowed Fee
  • $75.00 Total Transfer Fee
State Board of Equalization for California is requiring the Dealer to collect sales tax on all fees and total dollar amount the buyer spent, except the $19.00 DROS Fee, from out of state sellers. Private Party Transfers (PPT) This is only when both buyer and seller come to Cal Armory to conduct the transfer PPT Fees are broken down as follows:
  • $19.00 DOJ DROS Fee (Charged by DOJ)
  • $1.00 DOJ Firearms Safety Fee (Charged by DOJ)
  • $5.00 DOJ Firearms Training and Enforcement Fee (Charged by DOJ)
  • $10.00 DOJ Allowed Dealer Fee
  • $35.00 Total Allowed Fee


Cal Armory does limited gunsmithing. Please call or email for estimates.

Cal Armory's DuraCoat

Lauer Custom Weaponry offers two kinds of DuraCoat. One is their standard DuraCoat and the other is called SL or Self Lubricating. We use only SL for coating our customer's firearms. DuraCoat SL has all the same properties as the original DuraCoat plus added lubricity. It is the ultimate in self-lubricating/ non-stick firearm coatings. DuraCoat SL has these important characteristics:
  • DuraCoat SL has the perfect lubricity for the moving parts of a firearm plus the corrosion proof characteristics of DuraCoat Original.
  • DuraCoat SL offers reduced friction, longer wear and the highest degree of scratch resistance.
  • DuraCoat SL has FluorAx, our proprietary blend of lubricating chemicals which include PTFE technology. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a fluorocarbon and thus substances containing water and/or oil cannot adhere to the surface of DuraCoat SL.
  • DuraCoat SL "non-stick" characteristics make cleaning your firearm a breeze.
  • DuraCoat SL is also available in all the same colors and CamoPaks as DuraCoat Original.

How we apply DuraCoat

  1. The firearm is completely disassembled and all of the parts degreased and cleaned. All of the parts are safety checked looking for wear and tear and/or damage.
  2. All of the parts to be DuraCoated are abrasive blasted, including wood and plastic. The intent is to increase the surface area of the items to be DuraCoated.
  3. All of the ferrous steel is parkerized.
  4. All of the parts to be coated have the DuraCoat applied to them and then the firearm is reassembled.
  5. The remaining layers of DuraCoat are applied. This is also where we would apply vinyl templates to create camouflage patterns, or for logos or lettering to be applied. We have our own vinyl cutter so we are able to cut custom templates for our customers.
  6. The firearm is function checked and test fired.
  7. The firearm is dry lubed and wet lubed based on the manufacturers recommendations.

Duracoat Color Samples

Due to differences in monitor color temp settings, the above color samples may appear slightly different than actual DuraCoat colors.